Hello everyone, I am a CS graduate student at Santa Clara University with two years of experience building microservices over cloud-based distributed systems.

Highly skilled in full-stack development technologies like Java, Go, Spring Boot, Next.js (React.js), SQL, Kafka, Docker, etc. With over 2 years of experience leading high-performing engineering teams, I’m a solutions-focused software engineer driven by achieving business outcomes through resilient systems.

In my past roles, I have gone above and beyond my formal job description and responsibilities, to take ownership and initiative in improving the architecture and overall quality of the system. I love being an intrinsically motivated self-starter who can work independently to uplift a whole team’s productivity and effectiveness. At the same time, I prioritize communication to ensure my initiatives align with the broader group mission and needs. This drive and all-in mentality is what I’m most passionate about bringing to software engineering teams.

I love to code and I am always building something interesting and cool. Currently contributing to: https://github.com/owncast/owncast.

I developed a group video streaming platform by leveraging React, Node.js, and WebRTC (https://github.com/varungujarathi9/video-party-client).

To sum up, I build secure, scalable, and reliable tech!